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Partnership programme - nice way to earn money collaborating with Buxar-Host.com

Our partners get:
1. 10% from every hosting order
2. 5% from every reselling order.
3. 1% from every additional server or virtual exceptional server order.
4. Bonuses are counted from ALL hosting payments, reselling or server tenancy, made by client in 12 monthjs after the first payment inclusively.

earned money can be spent on hosting (reselling or server tenancy) prologation, or to receive via WebMoney, Yandex.Dengi, E-Gold, RuPay or a bank transactionn to your current account.

You will have full access to statistics of visits, registrations and order payments from users, who came through your partnership link.
Minimal earning payment sum is $1.00.

It is forbidden to go through your own partnership link and order our services, at the same time earning from your own orders.

In order to start earning money, you must register as our partner.
after filling in your information an email will come to you with the information about your account.

Note: If you already are one of our clients (hosting, reselling, server tenancy or domain registration), then the model of partnership programme you will find in the menu in account control panel. Po to after you enter login and password click on "Partnership Programme".

<<== Register in Partnership Programme ==>>


Minimal server characteristics:

Florida (USA): Dual Intel Xeon 3.20 GHZ HT, 2048 MB RAM, 2x146 GB SCSI (RAID1), 10 MBPS port, CentOS 5.2.

Vilnius (LITHUANIAN): Dual Intel Xeon 2.33 GHZ HT, 2048 MB RAM, 1x40 GB SCSI (RAID1), 10 MBPS port, CentOS 5.2.

All servers are 24 hours a day observed by qualified professionals. Using best equipment only from the most trusted producers.

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